Brother Stanley Rankin recived his promotion this last year. He will be missed but is with Jesus Christ who he loved so much.

Brother James Scott recived his promotion recently. His enthusiam and optisim will be missed but he is with Jesus Christ now.

We belive!

Jesus is God.

Jesus returned in His Kingdom at AD70 as shown by the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus promised a spiritual kingdom, a spiritual return and a spiritual resurrection.

Jesus Loves You and wants good things for you in your life.

The Kingdom of God is here NOW and has been for 1,944 years.

Jesus did everything he said he would in the time frame he said he would do it.

Jesus did everything necessary for you to be HAPPY in him, full of love, peace, and joy.

We, through our acceptance of Jesus Christ are now the Children of God created spiritually in his image and members of the "Israel of God" the only chosen people today.

Jesus Christ (God) is firmly in charge and nothing happens without His permission, so give thanks in all things whether they look good to your eyes or not.

About us

Full Preterist Christian Church

Pastor: Rev. Charles N. Hallford

2005 South Bridge (PO BOX 629) Brady, Texas 76825

Phone 325-597-3743

To consider

Jesus stated meny times that his return would be quickley, soon or "at hand".

The apostles promised the same thing in there letters.

Why be a Christian if you are not going to belive Jesus or his apostles?

Talkin to nonpreterist!

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